Beginner friendly Yoga with no multi-class passes or contracts!

River Yoga is a style Hatha Yoga which is strongly influenced by Power Vinyasa Yoga. Each class is an intelligently mapped sequence of movement and stillness which assists students to achieve their optimal health. You don’t have to be very flexible, good at balancing, or have a high level of athletic ability to gain immediate benefits from River Yoga. For further details on the many benefits of River Yoga (there is much more happening than just increasing flexibility!) click on the “Benefits of Yoga” Page above.

Taught in a non-competitive and non-judgmental environment with students of various ages*, body types, and backgrounds, I emphasize each individual to address their own needs for each class. For example, some days you may feel strong, so I encourage you take it to your edge and see if you can go a little further. While on other days you may feel depleted or might be carrying a minor injury, on these days I encourage you to nurture yourself, take it easy, and rest whenever needed. Either a strong or nurturing approach to River Yoga can yield magnificent benefits for the mind, body, and spirit!

*Generally, students are over 18 years of age. Students under 18 might be permitted to attend with or without a guardian, please discuss with me before arriving to class.


Contact Simon directly at the details below for Private Class and Corporate Yoga Fee Schedules.


As at April 2, 2013 all River Yoga group classes have been cancelled. If you would like to attend any of my group classes at Ten Toes Yoga, then please visit the Ten Toes website and check their timetable:



If you have any questions please contact Simon at 0404 283 991, on Facebook at River YOGA, Brisbane, or email . Simon Overell was trained at Bodymindlife Yoga Sydney and is also available for private and group bookings.

**The River Yoga logo was produced by Inscope Media with assistance from Gill Bertram

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